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2009 December - The Corpus Christi (N-Town) Mystery Plays at St Clement Eastcheap

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The Players of St Peter are pleased to present their annual performances of scenes from the medieval mystery plays, which in their entirety illustrate the biblical story from Creation to Doomsday. This year the scenes are taken from the unique 15th century N-town text, which is believed to have been a touring play script.

Our selection of scenes contrasts the harmony and unity at the heart of things created by God with the dissension initiated by the pride of Lucifer, which spread rebellion and disharmony first in heaven and, following his fall, into the world of man.

The famous Parliament of Heaven play features the debate over whether humankind should be rescued, and so leads into the Christmas story. Even so alongside this we see how rumour-mongering and mistrust can turn to slander and possible blackmail. Yet there is the possibility of change of heart for some characters as the child Jesus appears and is joyfully received.

Our scenes conclude with the start of Christ's adulthood in his baptism and dedication. It is striking that so many of the ideas, both serious and comic, are as applicable today as when they were originally performed.

We hope that you will enjoy these plays as much as we do, and that they will provide a happy start to your Christmas season.

The selection we shall be presenting is listed here.


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