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2012 December - The York Mystery Plays at St George in the East

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This year the Players of St Peter celebrate their 60th annual performance of scenes from the medieval mystery plays,which in their entirety illustrate the biblical story from Creation to Doomsday.

This year, we have selected highlights from among the guild plays from York. We open with the play of the Creation of Heaven and the first challenge of Lucifer to the harmony of established order among the angels around God. The lively Moses and Pharoah play follows with its own challenge to established order in favour of human freedom.

The New Testament plays open with the announcement of the coming of Christ, Mary's acceptance of her role in this, and the central Christmas story, including the lovely shepherds' play featuring three local villagers visiting the new-born Christ.

We then feature the adult Christ's baptism at the start of his life's work with the reaction of God and Lucifer to this. We conclude our production with the final play of the whole York cycle – the Last Judgement and the end of the world, in which God looks at human behaviour.

We hope that you will enjoy these plays as much as we do, and that they will provide a happy start to your Christmas season.

Here is the selection we shall be presenting

  • The Fall of Angels (Barkers)
  • Moses and Pharoah (Hosiers)
  • Annunciation and Visitation (Spicers)
  • Joseph's Trouble (Pewterers and Founders
  • The Nativity (Tilethatchers)
  • The Shepherds (Chandlers)
  • The Baptism of Christ (Barbers)
  • The Temptation (Smiths)
  • The Last Judgement (Mercers)

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